When I met someone who was a new comer to scrum, he asked me how to be a good scrum master. I was so confused at that time, cause this question was too abstracted. To managers, this role should probably make sure the team run scrum smoothly. But to team, that means he should remove any barriers in the way of sprint goals and something like that.
So, what shall we do?

This case reminds me of the time when we want to motivate a team.
1. We talk about the profitability of their products.
2. Let them define the team value.
3. And even invite others to give expectation.
People always feel more confident and be more self-orginized after this kind of inspiration.
Now, go back to our question, why don't we held a meeting to find the answer in the same way?
Just the items will be changed to
1. We talk about their contribution to team/PO.
2. Let them define their value.
3. And even invite others to give expectation.

Wow, I heard some people don't like meeting, because they regard their privacy as very important.
- Why can't we open the "green chanel" for them? Like weibo, anonymous messages or something else.

Ooh, there are still some people don't like meeting, because it will go out of control so easily or make people negative.
- Aha, you figure it out! That's a big problem. But, I still have some questions to help you to think about it.
Q: Which kinds of teams shall we involve?
A: Both excellent teams and improvement teams.
Q: Why shall we involve the teams as above?
A: Ensure we aim to improve our process and
exchange experience, not complain instead.

Ops: Don't forget to summarize the solvtion and spread it out after the discussion. Looking forward to the result!