adb shell --help


E:\workspace\TaoParking\script>adb shell screenrecord --help

Usage: screenrecord [options] <filename>

Records the device's display to a .mp4 file.



    Set the video size, e.g. "1280x720".  Default is the device's main

    display resolution (if supported), 1280x720 if not.  For best results,

    use a size supported by the AVC encoder.

--bit-rate RATE

    Set the video bit rate, in megabits per second.  Default 4Mbps.

--time-limit TIME

    Set the maximum recording time, in seconds.  Default / maximum is 180.


    Rotate the output 90 degrees.


    Display interesting information on stdout.


    Show this message.

Recording continues until Ctrl-C is hit or the time limit is reached.