Don'tcha wish Cartier glasses your boyfriend was hot like hers? Don'tcha?

When Nicole Scherzinger, versace eyeglasses that prima Pussycat Doll, rolled into town last week, her beau, the Tiger Woods of Formula Cartier glasses One -- one Lewis Hamilton-- was not too far behind. Indeed, racing's Angelinalipped Cartier glasses Golden Boy was spotted at Gucci glasses Toronto's Pearson Airport where he was driving a Cartier glasses wheelie suitcase. Bashfully British at first, but then not as much, versace eyeglasses he did eventually admit to a pap that he was here to catch the Dolls (on tour with Britney versace eyeglasses Spears).

And then? Confirming that he only has eyes for his Maxim-um pop star sweetie, versace glasses he shook away any suggestion that he Cartier glasses might also be interested in catching Britney's act. "I have no interest in Britney," Lewis versace eyeglasses stressed from behind his Marcello versace glasses Mastroianni dark sunglasses. And then off he was to find his versace glasses airport carriage.

ONE SEES, Gucci glasses ONE HEARS: - That Steven Page had a versace eyeglasses dream the versace glasses other night about "owls." So the Barenaked Lady-no-longer reported on versace glasses Twitter. - That the busy, busy, haute, haute architect-cum-designer Gucci glasses Dee Dee Hannah made the scene recently at Le Petit Castor, where she proceeded to versace glasses boogie versace sunglasses hard to the song The Power by Snap! - That Mr. Enfant Terrible, Evan Biddell, told radio show Q Gucci glasses ast week that he has "ADD, which is perfect for fashion." And that the versace sunglasses country doesn't need "another Joe Fresh." - That both Gucci and Cartier are versace sunglasses throwing parties next week -- on the same night! Question is: Will the city's versace sunglasses most fashionable, go-getting socialite of the moment, Stacey Kimel, manage a costume change?