RRDtool is written by Tobias Oetiker with contributions from many people all around the world. This document is written by Alex van den Bogaerdt

    RRDtool是由Tobias Oetike主导开发的,当然少不了来自世界各地人们的贡献,本文档是由Alex van den Bogaerdt编写的

        The documentation provided with RRDtool can be too technical for some people. This tutorial is here to help you understand the bases of RRDtool. It should prepare you to read the documentation youself. It also explains the general things about statistc with a focus on netwoking.





      Please don't skip ahead in this document! The first part of this document explains the basics and may be boring. But  if you don't understand the basics, the examples will not be as meaningful to you!


      Sometimes things change. This example used to provie numbers like "0.04" in stead of "4.00000e-02". Those are really the same numbers, just written down differently. Don't be alarmed if a future version of rrdtool display a slightly different form of output. The example in this document are correct for version 1.2.0 of RRDtool.


    Also,sometimes bugs do occur. They may also influence the outcome of the examples. Example speed4.png was suffering from this(the handing unknown data in an if-statement was wrong). Normal data will be just fine( a bug in rrdtool wouldn't last long) but special cases like NaN,INF and so on may last a bit longer.Try anotherversion if you can, or just live with it.

    当然,bugs也会出现,这可能会影响最后的输出结果,例如 图 speed4.png ,它正在遭受bug的影响,所有数据都是正常的,这固然可喜,但是特殊的数据例如 NaN,INF在之后的数据中可能会出现,如果有能力可以换一个版本,否则暂时先别管他

    I fixed the speed4.png example. There may be other examples which suffer from the same or a similar bug. Try to fix it yourself,which is a great excercise . But please do not submit your result as a fix to the source of this document. Discuss it on the user's list, or write to me.

    我修复了这个例子 speed4.png. 可能还会有其他的例子会受相同或相似bug的影响,试着去修复它,这将是一个非常大的挑战,但是不要提交到文档上来,可以在写信给我

    what is RRDtool?


    what data can be put into an RRD?

    what can I do with this tool?

    what if I still have problems after reading this document?

    how will you help me?

    Your first Round Robin Database

    What has been created?

    Time to create some graphics

    Graphics with some math

    Graphics Magic

    Updates in Reality

    Some words on SNMP

    A Real World Example

    Consolidation Functions

    Let's review what you now should know

    Data Source Types

    RRDtool under the microscope

    Counter Wraps

    Data Resampling