1.Enabled SSH on ESXi
2.SSHed to ESXi host and found s.v00 (/bootbank/s.v00)
3.Created a backup copy of s.v00
4.Extracted s.v00 with "vmtar -x s.v00 -o output.tar"
5.Created temp directory
6.Moved output.tar to temp/
7.Extracted output.tar with "tar xf s.v00"
8.SCPed bin/vmx to Windows box
9.Extracted bios440.rom with ESXBiosTools 1.15 #云盘上有1.1.4版本
10.Got from a running VM
11.Openned Phoenix Bios Tools, selected "other" (because there was no HP there), selected an HP Server SLIC 2.1 bin file, selected an HP SERVER SLIC 2.1 certificate (both matched with "verificate"), and loaded the file
12.Created bios440_SLIC.rom
13.Injected bios440_SLIC.rom on vmx file, sent it back to ESXi temp folder, changed permissions and ownership
14.Packed the s.v00 file again and moved it to /bootbank
16.AIDA64 on a running VM reports _ASUS_ SLIC, even after i`ve choosen other on Phoenix Bios Tools and selected "HP SERVER" cert and bin.
17.I think that because of this it won`t accept a server license because ASUS has only client licenses, not servers.