trados 2011 使用的是Nalpeiron来进行license的管理,Nalpeiron将它的数据保存在文件系统外,一般在track 0的63 sector。使用磁盘工具将61--63sector清空即可。


Well, it's enough to:
- stop the Nalpeiron services;
- wipe out the track 0 except the MBR (in fact, only the sector(s) starting with FFC99A3B hex value, usually 60-63 physical), you should use a decent Hex disc editor;
- wipe out the Nalpeiron related ADSs in the Windows folder (e.g. google for ASDSpy);
- wipe out the Nalpeiron related registry entries (easy, just search for Nalpeiron in regedit);
- reboot.


      You need some MS utilities you can redistribute i.e.:
Sector Inspector


# begin

md C:\KillNal
cd C:\KillNal
# sets the directory for the script.
# Of course, you can put a more neutral name icon_smile.gif

net stop nl***v32.exe /y
net stop nalserv.exe /y
# stops Nalpeiron sevices

streams.exe /accepteula
streams.exe -d "C:\Windows"
# cleans the alternative data streams from Window directory
# (assuming it's installed in the default location, you can also use the corresponding variable)

fsutil file createnew "empty.bin" 512
# creates an empty sector content. 
secinspect.exe -restore \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 "empty.bin" 63 confirm
# writes this empty sector content in the sector 63
secinspect.exe -restore \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 "empty.bin" 62 confirm
# writes this empty sector content in the sector 62
secinspect.exe -restore \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 "empty.bin" 61 confirm
# writes this empty sector content in the sector 61
# etc., let's say, up to 33 (these sectors normally should be empty but nobody knows...)
# For some machines e.g. docked notebooks the system drive may be \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1
# etc.

net start nl***v32.exe /y
net start nalserv.exe /y
# starts Nalpeiron sevices

# end

It should reset the Nalpeiron core data.
Of course, it also destroys all the existing licenses handled by Nalpeiron, so beware.

It is not a working script (I didn't test it) but the core part of the script should look like that.
The script should also contain the segment content verification i.e. the overwritten segment should start with FFC99A3B (Hex), otherwise the disk logical structure may be damaged and your Windows may become unusable.

You can test it now and publish in your KB.
Don't forget to thank me for inspiration icon_smile.gif

If you don't understand what's the script exactly does, don't run it.
I'm not responsible if you don't know what you're doing.
If you damage your machine, don't ask my help.


net stop NalServ /y

net stop nlsX86cc /y

md C:\KillNal

cd C:\KillNal

streams.exe /accepteula

streams.exe -d "C:\Windows"

fsutil file createnew "empty.bin" 512

"c:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\secinspect.exe" -restore \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 "empty.bin" 63 confirm

"c:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\secinspect.exe" -restore \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 "empty.bin" 62 confirm

"c:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\secinspect.exe" -restore \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 "empty.bin" 61 confirm

net start NalServ /y

net start nlsX86cc /y