This bundle provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API's & applications with Symfony2. Features include:

本功能包提供多种工具来快速开发 Symfony2 的 REST 风格 API 和应用,其功能包括:

  • A View layer to enable output and format agnostic Controllers

  • 一个视图层,从而使输出和格式与控制器无关

  • A custom route loader to generate url's following REST conventions

  • 一个可定制的路由引导器,用以生成遵循REST惯例的URL

  • Accept header format negotiation including handling for custom mime types

  • 接收头格式协商,包括处理自定义的MIME类型

  • RESTful decoding of HTTP request body and Accept headers

  • 用于HTTP请求包和接收头的REST风格解码

  • Exception controller for sending appropriate HTTP status codes

  • 异常控制器,用以发送相应的HTTP状态码


While the provided feature set is certainly production ready, this Bundle is still under development.As a result users must expect BC breaks when using the master version. Such breaks will however benoted in the new version of the Bundle will be tagged in most cases before a BC break, however do not expect bugfixes for these tagged versions.

虽然提供的所有特性肯定是为生产环境准备的,但本功能包仍然处于开发阶段。因此用户在使用主版本时需要期望 BC break。然而这样的break将在UPGRADING.md文件中被提及。在大多数情况下本功能包的新版本将在BC break前被标识,但不要指望在这些标识版本的Bug修复。


The bulk of the documentation is stored in the Resources/doc/index.mdfile in this bundle:

大量文档被存放在本功能包的 Resources/doc/index.md文件中。

Read the Documentation for master



All the installation instructions are located in the documentation.



This bundle is under the MIT license. See the complete license in the bundle: