Today the site 30days search under key words have multiple are ranked in the baidu home page, follow up second stages of word continues to rise steadily, and everyone to share this website optimize train of thought and experience, you want to have some help. Basically these words have certain Baidu index including the popular word, there are also some long end word, in general is good, every day there are about 300 of the IP for enterprises, but also has just started, so the requirement is not so high, later period still has a great progress space.

Enter subject, case:, key words: Master thesis. Today on the system about the three steps of website optimization:

The first : the optimal site title

Online optimization of many articles about the title, saying only that focus, which is the key to grasp the word segmentation techniques, as well as long end word driven hot words, titles were reasonably repeatable, and also taking into account the headline attraction.

Site title writing and the ranking is conflict because writes attractive, it will lost a valuable part of key words, many owners, including I will also have a choice process. Suggestion is the flow rate and weight, the latter can properly cut some long words into eye-catching brand word, similar to the wheat bags optimization strategy.

In the choice of words, not blindly according to their psychological ideas to choose ( most common enterprise station ) but to the user at the point of view to think, then consider some important indexes:

Baidu contest price index" the number" the top level domain number" top-level domain name Title sorting situation" Baidu child products location" Baidu Index number.

According to these indexes, to finalize your keywords, a lot of enterprises station is another common to all words do how can that be? The weights allocation rules, the title that appears first in the key words the highest weight, so in accordance with the word method, according to the difficulty and heat lined.

Key words of the title and the number is best not more than 4, about 3 of the most suitable. The said word segmentation technology and long tail drive the popular title, reasonable duplication is particularly important how to use the 3-4keyword, derived from dozens of key words, is to select the best embodiment of key technology.

Tips: the core of the key words, the head and tail of the appropriate to repeat, the core keyword ranking is has the remarkable enhancement effect

Summary: the title there are many, but much to say that is the key point, or repeat, title of the site selection for later optimization plays a decisive role, we must be cautious, careful.

Second: construction site content

The content of the website you know is very important, the daily timing stability pseudo original original, and so on, but many people do content time ignored one of the most important things, and listen to me carefully.

Know the web resources are limited to what this means, for example you links pointing to the anchor text, every day up to 1-2friends of chain, so that under limited resources, key word rank must be carried out in stages, empathy, content must also be staged to compose.

For example: the first stage you outside catenary anchor text to image design "of the word, and your website content is updated most is color, clothing article, said that the effect is good?

So the content of construction, and not the original can be but according to the key stage ranking scheme, staged to around the core keywords to start write content, ensure that each stage of the large number of outside catenary anchor text behind, were quite content to support, so you outside the chain benefits can be maximized, the search engine will be truly recognized you authority site.

This point, really do good website, see not much, some owners do not understand this truth, but deliberately ignored, why? Because for every stage of the key words to write enough content, a very hard thing, a lot of stationmaster didn't love so tired, so which is expected to write go to A website copy, a forge, and then go to the B website copy a forgery, updated daily, although the amount of foot, but is very complex, the core keyword rank promotion plays a decisive role.

Summary: to enter since 2012, all know search engines to website content quality is more and more important, the content is given by the weight is also more and more high, but can not remember blind to update the content, but to each stage of the plan to update the content, this keyword rankings will have a qualitative change.

Third: the construction of chain

The conventional outer chain I will not say everyone is repeated in the doing, only two key

1links of the export control, many websites, weight is not much, export has reached30-40, or even more, everyday mustering the enthusiasm everywhere for the link, the stationmaster, give you a piece of advice, really useless, cake principle not heard? Website altogether so weight, all points out a what to rely on to rank? So links really fine is not many, many station links only a few, but rank is very stable, because the weight of the website very concentrated.

Do not blindly follow, watching competitors have dozens of links, think oneself quantity less so ranked just is not good, so hard to change, site has only11export chain, too much is as stable rank.

The stability of2links. A commonplace talk of an old scholar of the link is not stable, has been in decline, ranking has been fluctuating, links to rise steadily, ranking also rising steadily. It is suggested that forum posts can give up weekly several can be, because the forum posts stability is desired, then a search engine is also clear that reduce forum signatures and link weights.

Popular for external chain operation train of thought:

1 blog, the blog does not want to write, is very simple, Witkey some people online have a blog, and a package contains 5cents per week, $50in Witkey net send a reward task, every week has 100stable blog link. They may also raise a blog by1-2, slowly raise.

2 category information, B2B site, and collecting several weight high daily dozen, note that the best is original or a pseudo original basic an hour can be received, but also plays a role of information coverage.

3write flexible language, not written on the money to buy, hate to part with the child to set a wolf, so even if the children are reluctant, then finishing some of the latest articles by stationmaster, bogus is achieved formerly, to contribute, what a push, the Chutian webmaster, very similar to the PR3-5 between stationmaster net, contribute the success rate is very high, but outside the chain quality and stability is also not bad, just a bit hard to cast.

There are other video, encyclopedia, know what not to say more than three outer chain every day to do, in fact is enough

Summary: this year the search engine ranking algorithm, mainly in favour of website content and thematic content, well, take a good title, for most competitive power not strong website, enough to give you a good ranking so don't hard every day send outside the chain after going around asking, why the rank is not good, ask you to think about their own web site construction is normative, position, this is the 2012ranking keywords core elements.

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