Question:whats the voice mail port for?
Unity communicates with PBXs through a port. With traditional PBXs, the ports are
most often analog lines. To enable this communication, a voice board is installed
in the Unity server. The voice board usually has either four or 12 analog ports,
which connect back to analog ports on the PBX. When Unity is integrated with
CallManager, analog lines are not used, so a voice board is not required. Instead,
virtual ports are configured on the CallManager. The only physical connectivity
between the Unity server and the CallManager is Ethernet. When these ports are
configured in Unity, a name and a Directory Number (DN) are assigned to them. The
DN is significant only to the CallManager. Unity does not need to know what the DN
is because Unity is concerned only with the name assigned to the port. Typically,
the name looks something like Cisco-UM-VI1. This naming convention is only a
suggestion; any name may be used.

3-30 for IN_LG
31-34 for OUT_LG
前2个VOICE MAIL PORT没有用?Port Name+2=DN?
<1>在ccmadmin中,点击Feature>Voice Mail>Cisco Voice Mail Port或Feature>Voice
Mail>Cisco Voice Mail Port
<2>选择Add a New Voice Mail Port
注意Port Name的命名规则,确保Directory Number没有被分配使用
Port Name:CiscoUM1-V11
Device Pool:Chicago
Calling Search Space:International_CSS(这个CSS可以打所有的电话)
实际工程中,Voice Mail Port/GW/TRUNK都有专门的CSS和Partition
Directory Number:40001
Port Name:CiscoUM1-V12
Device Pool:Chicago
Calling Search Space:International_CSS(这个CSS可以打所有的电话)
实际工程中,Voice Mail Port/GW/TRUNK都有专门的CSS和Partition
Directory Number:40002
DEMO Unity4.2.1只能添加2个VOICE MAIL PORT

<4>点击Feature>Voice Mail>Voice Mail Pilot
Voice Mail Pilot Number:40000
Description:Voice Pilot Number
Calling Search Space:International_CSS
<5>点击Feature>Voice Mail>Voice Mail Profile,依次添加刚才设置好的pilot
Voice Mail Profile Name:voice-413-pub_VMP
Voice Mail Pilot:40000/International_CSS
voice mail pilot可以和Voice mail port DN不一样,此时需要添加hunt list,把40001和40002
<6>配置Line Group:
Route Plan>Route/Hunt>Line Group
Line Group Name:voice-413-pub_VM1_IN_LG
Selected DN:40001/40002

<7>配置Hunt List    Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Hunt List
Hunt List Name:voice-413-pub_WM_HL
Description:voice-413-pub VME Hunt List
Cisco CallManager Group:Reno_CCM_GP
Selcted Groups:voice-413-pub_VM1_IN_LG
<8>配置Hunt Pilot(把Pilot Number 40000和上边Hunt List绑定)
Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Hunt Pilot
Description:voice-413-pub VME Hunt Pilot
Hunt List:voice-413-pub_WM_HL
<9>在line 1001上启用VOICE MAIL
voice mail profile;voice-413-pub_VMP
注意:Hunt Pilot和voice mail pilot是同一个号码
Troubleshooting:到这里如果Unity配置正确,并且在unity安装最后一步(Integration with CCM)
1.简化处理:添加Voice Mail Pilot Number:40001>添加Voice Mail Profile,调用voice mail
port 40001>CIPC设置Voice Mmail Profile,成功!看来问题出在Hunt List那一段
2.检查Line Group确保40001和40002正确加入,Hunt List调用正确,Hunt Pilots设置正确
3.再次设置CIPC指向voice-413-pub_VMP,直接拨打40001或者40002都可以进入VOICE MAIL
4.再次检查突然发现Hunt Lists中voice-413-pub_VMP状态为“unknown”,看来问题在这里了,
update/reset,状态正常,测试voice mail,OK
First Name:Chicago
Phone Password:09876
Password never expires
<11>CCM中CIPC voice mail设置:
Forward Busy Internal:voice-413-pub_VMP
Call Forward and Pickup Settings:勾选busy/no anser/no coverage
No Answer Ring Duration:10
Typically, calls are forwarded to voice-mail systems because the phone that was
called is either busy or is not answered. When Unity receives a call, it examines
the reason that it is receiving the call. The phone system that forwarded the call
includes a call forwarded reason to Unity. In this case, it was forwarded because
the called party was busy or did not answer. If the call is forwarded because the
caller did not answer, Unity plays the called party's standard greeting. If the
call was forwarded because the called party was on the phone, Unity plays the
called party's busy greeting.
主叫被转到VOICE MAIL后,VOICE MAIL 系统会根据不同的情况(busy/no anser/no coverage)播放