just receive access to NetQos and still trying to get a hang of it一直挂在上面(网上)
your voice is breaking up语音不连贯,断断续续的
the piecture is very jerky图像有点花
voice not synchronized声音不同步
video broadcast occasionally stalls视频偶尔有些延迟
surf the net上网
my computer is lagging电脑有些卡
电脑中病毒:the computer is affected by virus
电脑掉线: the computer loses the Internet connection
i  lost the line just now
The network always Loses the line 总是掉线
电脑死机: the computer freezes
The email you sent me just now is unreadable乱码. Could you send it again please?
(QQ上) 加我
add me to your QQ/MSN/ICQ friend list
网友: 也可用keypal,甚或cyberpal等。
网迷,网痴: webhead, nethead, cyberholic, Internet addict, etc。而mouse potato,
computerphile 等词是泛指对电脑痴迷的人。至于网络老手是oldbie, 相反菜鸟则是newbie。
贴子: post, posting, message, thread, etc. (N.B. a thread is a series of messages)
黑屏: black screen,或更正式一点可说black screen of death。
电脑死机: 除了frozen外,还可以说the computer was hung, the computer crashed, the
computer was locked up等,甚至可用bomb, deadlock。但意思有点分别,比如crashing是指因整
乱码: 这个较难,很多字典都没答案。其实乱码的英语是 ǎ氪ヴゑиㄠ!
LOL…… just joking! Correct me if I am wrong, 其实见过的写法有indecipherable text
output, clobber, gibberish, garbled code, scrambled code, clobbered character等。也
可以简单的说the text of the message is indecipherable或 it has become an
unintelligible jumble of characters等。 HIH。
6.   该端口没有给远程访问配置权限。
The port is not configured for Remote Access.
8.   您想给该用户分配哪些附加权限?
Which additional rights do you want to assign to this user?
9.   向导无法为共享文件夹设置权限。
The wizard was unable to set the permissions . the shared folder.
tons of stuff这么多东西!!!
report a broken link链接不存在
Yeah…voice quality or functionality is a little sketchy粗略的 when running two
instances . a PC. It may take multiple sound cards.
To be honest, I have never really cared enough to research it.
I am normally just concerned with call routing.
The log says it download correct xml file etc, but it cycle through registration
process循环注册 and many successful download instances are there in every minute.
To check operation of air break.
lead time
  1. 首次展示 ;试运行
rack mounting(机器)上架
Power circuits电源线
Air-conditioning 空调
Secure room
Server Room一般指放服务器或者交换机的专有房间,可以翻译成机房
Switch Room外企里放弱电设备的房间,可以翻译成弱电室
Intra-rack cabling机架跳线,就是交换机之间的跳线
The intrabuilding cable楼间线缆(国内一般指楼间光缆) must be shielded and the shield
must be grounded at both ends.
Patch cables配线架
Back bone fiber楼间光缆
UPS Power
Currently, Topsworld has a complete series of fiber optics interconnect products
include patch cord, fanout, multifiber, etc.

Fallback: Back out will be to cut all cabinets/devices back to the old PDC should
there be any problems with the new PDC.假如新的PDC有问题,则回退到
ISDN uses another method of signaling known as out-of-band. With this method, the
signaling is transported . a channel separate from和语音分离的 the voice.
in a nutshell: 
  1. 总而言之
IMT Inter – Machine Trunk: 机间干线
screening and barring屏蔽和受限
1.   注册用户可以管理上传的文件,每个上传的文件大小限制在500M,并支持多线程下载和断点续传

Registered users can manage uploads, upload files up to 500MB and get support for
multithreaded downloads and download resuming.
2.   超级旋风支持多个任务同时进行,每个任务使用多地址下载、多线程、断点续传、线程连续调度
Super cyclone support multiple tasks simultaneously, each task using multi address
download, multithreading, breakpoint Continuingly, continuous thread scheduling
3.   超级旋风是一款下载软件,支持多个任务同时进行,每个任务使用多地址下载、多线程、断点续
Super Tornado is a download software to support multiple tasks simultaneously, each
task using multi address download, multithreading, breakpoint Continuingly,
continuous thread scheduling optimization, download speed, no advertising, no rogue
plug-ins, completely free.

Configuring users for the voice network is not a mandatory必须的步骤 step
中间的, 临时的, 间歇的
间歇的, 断断续续的
中等的, 适度的, 适中的
millisecond 毫秒
microsecond 微秒
毫秒,时间单位,符号ms(英语:millisecond ).
0.000 000 001 毫秒 = 1皮秒
0.000 001 毫秒 = 1纳秒
0.001 毫秒 = 1微秒
1000 毫秒 = 1秒