Online Monopoly City Streets Security, Cheating and Software Issues

Monopoly City Streets是一个和google map合作过的游戏,在地图上建立自己的王国,今年开放后火爆一时,不过后期还是因为对安全问题考虑欠佳垮掉了,预计明年初可能会再次关闭。这个游戏其实在对外开放后8天左右,就曾今因为安全问题关闭过。
However, where there’s good family fun, there’s also the opportunity for the darker element of the online gaming community to try their luck. The initial registration software was flawed in that it allowed anyone to effectively take over someone else’s identity and steal their persona, wealth and streets. That, coupled with the fact that one person could register many times and thereby trade streets between user ids, meant that cheating was rife.
This, and other software issues, caused the Monopoly City Streets team to reset the game completely on September 17th 2009, just eight days after the launch. This meant that everyone who had originally registered and built up a property empire lost everything. The restart incorporated anti-cheating measures such as rules stipulating that no more than five different ids could be registered from the same computer and increasing deductions on rent as more streets were purchased.