Roles of a Template Designer and a Programmer

There are at least two significant players in a web application development team. They are the designers and coders. They each have distinct roles but must work together to make this web application successful, easy to maintain, and easy to extend. Firstly, let's go through the detailed role of a designer.
?Separate the presentation layer: As a designer, your primary job is to completely separate the presentation code from your business logic. You must ensure that this separation will be usable and optimized.
?Figure out fixed parts and dynamic parts: Before you start designing, you must figure out which parts will be dynamic and which parts will be static.
?Figure out reusable parts and make best use of them: Separate your template into components (like a header, navigation bar, body, footer, and so on) and ensure integrity between them.
?Collaborate with programmers: See what parameters programmers give you and how you can use them. If you need something more or find something that is lacking, you should immediately inform them.
Chapter 3
Design plug-ins and modifiers if necessary: If you are not familiar with extending Smarty (though it's in some ways a programmer's job; but it may be considered as a big plus point if you are familiar with it and will give you an extra facility), at least inform the programmers in your team that you need a special functionality that could be accomplished by plug-ins or modifiers.