It is really my honor to have this oppprtunity for a interview
    I hope I can make a good performance today. I am confident that I can succeed.
    Now I will introduce myself brifly
    I am 27 years old,born in tangshan,he bei province
    I was learned in Beijing Institute of Technology,My major is software and I have got master degree in July 2008, I spend most of my time on study and I have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my shool time
   In April 2007,I began to work for a foreign enterprise ibm,bell,achieve as a software engineer in BeiJing city.Because I am capable of more responsibilies, so I decided to change my job.Because I want to change my working enviroment.I 'd like to find a job which is more challeging.Moreover IBM is a global company.So I feel I can gain the most from working in the kind of company enviroment.That is the season why I come here to compete for this position
   I think I am a good team player and I am person of great honesty to others,Also I am able to work under greate pressure
   That's all, Thank you for giving me the chance.