how to fix a damaged ost or pst file?


a.       Please make sure that you repair the suspicious PST locally. You can copy the PST to the local drive first.

另有重要一点,set user as the owner of the .pst foler in her old computer.否则故障不能解决。

b.      Look for a repairing tool named: SCANPST.EXE  there is another tool named SCANOST.EXE, just don’t mix them with the similar name.

c.       After you open the scanpst.exe this file, you will be able to browse to the location where you save your PST file. Then just click on start on the page after you choose the PST file from the local location. Then now the program will start to scan the PST to look for the errors. After the errors are located, you should be able to click on the “repair” button.

d.      After the reparation, you can reimport the PST to outlook by going to “file – open-outlook data file”.

The Scanpst.exe file for Outlook 2007 is is typically located in the following folder:

<disk drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12
<disk drive>:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

The Scanpst.exe file for Outlook 2010 is typically located in the following folder: 

<disk drive>\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
<disk drive>\Program Files\Microsoft Office(x86)\Office14