I encountered a problem yesterday , my raspberrypi has entered emergency mode after I plug out the power cord directly , I searched in the internet , it said need to check the file system because of power loss , I used ckfs and e2fsck command to fix the partition , but it still doesn't work , I found that it shows "a start job is running for dev-sda1.device " and timed out . I searched the problems , it said that

原因:没有找到该swap分区ID 导致的。所以延迟90s
方法:lsblk -f
sda3 swap a7fa69a8-31bd-448c-98de-55de4aa6f06a
显示出来自己的SWAP ID 拷贝之
然后编辑 /etc/fstab 中的swap 的UUID 值
保存推出。再次启动会找到该UUID 然后,duang 瞬间启动。可恶的90s没了

I used the command lsblk -f , and it didn't show any errors , my problems solved!

thanks for zhihu!