This past Tuesday, ***formally launched ***’s new aftermarket services business, ***** Integrated Resources. Why did ***** decide to move into this line of business? Check out *****’s top 10 reasons why ***** has made this investment.

  1. To continue to grow, ***** must move into adjacent markets.
  2. Technology advancements, shortened product lifecycles and the ensuing challenge of how to disposition aged electronic equipment create opportunities for ***** to serve the aftermarket for electronic equipment and devices.
  3. Opportunities abound for repair, refurbishment, recapture of base materials, remarketing and resale of electronic equipment and devices, and responsible recycling to avoid landfills.
  4. Many OEMs are engaged in the reverse logistics of the products they manufacture, but they would prefer to outsource those activities to a responsible third party capable of providing end-to-end solutions.
  5. Reverse logistics represents a $21 billion market in the global electronics industry alone.
  6. Aftermarket services yield higher profit margins than *****’s traditional distribution businesses.
  7. Reverse logistics is a fragmented market, ripe for consolidation. Finding and making strategic acquisitions are among *****’s core strengths.
  8. Synergies exist through ***** Electronics Marketing and ***** Technology Solutions that have the potential to create opportunities for ***** Integrated Resources to cross-sell and position ***** as a one-stop-shop for both forward and reverse logistics.
  9. ***** is financially strong, with a global footprint, a unique position in the global electronics supply chain and the ability to build a full-service reverse logistics business to serve the needs of a variety of customers.
  10. It’s the right thing to do to benefit the planet


***** means a company,in order to keep secret,so do like this!